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Inspired by the memories that scents evoke in our lives, Poco Scent is crafted with the best intentions, a sprinkle of happy thoughts, and some flair. Each scent is made to punctuate your wardrobe of choice. They’re perfect for long busy days, nighttime occasions, or to simply set the mood for your most blissful abode. They have just about everything. From bath products to mom-approved baby essentials and scents, Poco Scents is perfect for gift-giving and sharing memories with loved ones.

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About Poco Scents

Proudly local and born in the Philippines, Poco Scents is a brand that carries a variety of meticulously crafted products that include bath necessities, fragrances, and baby essentials that are made from the heart. Using the most creative methods, Poco Scents developed a wide range of blends, scents, and concoctions that are suited for individuals from different walks of life.

Each bottle of Poco Scents’ uplifting fragrances begins with a memory, and is developed by sourcing essential oils and ingredients that aim to evoke familiar feelings that will bring back the clearest and most vivid recollections. Reminisce the calm breeze and sound waves of the sea with the Azure Aqua Parfum and immerse yourself in a pungent treat. Dream about fresh blooms and dewy mornings with the Lila Aqua Parfum, and be reminded of the fragrance of freshly picked lilacs and peonies of different tints. Enjoy invigorating scents to match every memory and feeling with Poco Scents’ aromatic blends!

Poco Scents’ products are made with FDA-approved ingredients that are 100% safe and for everyday use. Enjoy your favorite scent without the trouble and hassle by placing an order on our site today. Experience delightful and convenient online shopping only here at BeautyMNL!

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