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Known for its handmade organic soaps infused with the finest coconut and essential oils, Philippa Aceite de Coco comes from the same family behind the luxury Aranaz brand. It is 100 percent made in the Philippines. Philippa’s lush, cold-processed body bars envelop you in a rich and comforting lather with every use. Light a scented candle while you bathe and enjoy the spa-like ambience invoked by each decadent, skin-sational soap.

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Founded in 2011, Philippa Aceite de Coco is a Philippine-based manufacturer of organic bath soaps. This company is managed by the same family behind the luxury Aranaz brand. Among their top ingredients are virgin coconut oils and natural extracts to help nourish your skin.

The reason for the use of these ingredients is simple: coconut oil has been shown to improve the moisture and lipid content of the skin. Studies on individuals with dry skin yielded positive results when treated with these oils. It can also be applied topically, making it perfect for use as a mild form of protection for the skin.

This is where Philippa comes in: as a convenient and quick way to get your skin moisturized and protected from dryness. Since taking a bath is a regular part of anyone’s routine, using these soaps is a great way to treat yourself to nature’s most effective essences. These include soothing cucumber and citrus extracts to cleanse, hydrate, and energize your skin. And that’s all without spending a lot on spa treatments. Philippa’s soaps also feature unique ingredient blends, like coffee extracts, to energize your skin.

Since only botanical ingredients are used, you can be assured that products from Philippa Aceite de Coco are free from harmful chemicals and animal-sourced ingredients. The company adheres to the strictest standards when it comes to formulating their soaps for your use. It also prohibits the use of animal testing at every stage of its production.

Now, you too can enjoy the country’s finest soaps with Philippa Aceite de Coco. Simply browse through BeautyMNL’s selection to find the right product for your needs. We offer a hassle-free delivery service to get your orders right to your doorstep. Sign up with us today to receive free shipping on all purchases worth PHP 2,000 or more.

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