The year was 1995. Cinema was celebrating its 100th birthday, the UN its 50th anniversary, The Cranberries was being played over and over on the airwaves and Fréderic Perigot created the eponymous brand, Perigot®, utilitarian design leader for everyday essentials. Since then, the brand has creatively expanded its product lines around the concept of function. Perigot® products are continuously perfected. Today, customers have an ever-growing collection of 850 quality objects from which to choose.

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Founded in 1995, Perigot is a France-based luxury line of personal and home accessories. They have an extensive product line that extends to bags, clothes hangers, mops, and even waste bins.

The brand was initially conceptualized from Fréderic Perigot’s contempt of ordinarily designed household items and accessories. He felt that these were either too plain or too unstylish, which led to the creation of the first product lines for the brand.

The Perigot style revolves around utilizing practical yet durable materials like nylon, bamboo and polyresin. These are then combined to form contemporary designs that are perfect for complementing your fashionable lifestyle. Recently, the collections have evolved, with the use of new materials and the most recent technological advances in production.

One of the brand’s signature products is the Bear Bag Shopper, a convertible bag that switches between a stylish teddy bear and a durable bag. This can be attached to your purse, belt, or shopping cart. By being strong enough to carry your groceries, it’s an eco-friendly alternative to regular plastic bags.

The choice of materials to be used for the finished products are also made with respect for the environment in mind. One of the most prominent examples is the use of thermoplastic polyurethane—an ecological alternative to PVC, neoprene, and other harmful materials. Perigot products are also compliant with the highest safety regulations in the market today, making them safe for use every day.

The Perigot brand has creatively expanded its product lines around the concept of function. Its products are continuously perfected. Today, the customer has an ever growing collection of 850 quality household items to choose from.

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