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Parian Spirit answers the need for a quick drying, non-toxic makeup brush cleaner. With citrus as its active ingredient, it easily removes oil-based makeup, is safe enough for skin, and won’t damage bristles. Today, Parian Spirit’s Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner is known as a revolutionary product that’s environmentally friendly as it cleans, conditions and disinfects.

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About Parian Spirit

Founded by Maro Parian in 1995, Parian Spirit is a brand known for their revolutionary, non-toxic brush cleaner. Since most cleaners during that time were either highly toxic or took too long to dry, Maro’s husband Levon helped her create a formula that was quick to dry, safe to use, environmentally friendly, and gentle enough to maintain expensive brushes. This heavy-duty formula soon became a fast favorite among professionals and beauty enthusiasts making Parian Spirit a go-to brand in the industry.

As the demand began to rise for this oil-based citrus cleaner, makeup artists began to consider it as a major staple in their kits. Top movie companies like Paramount and Universal began to order them in bulk, and appreciated the formula for its effortless use without damaging their high-priced bristles. Now, Parian Spirit is available in multiple big-name shops like Nordstrom, Japonesque, and Urban Decay.

Their brand mantra, “clean, condition, and disinfect,” became the core concept of the Parian Spirit design. Not only did this change the way brush cleaners were made, it became an important part of hygienic beauty that has become an uncomplicated part of our routine today. That is why we at BeautyMNL easily fell in love with Parian Spirit. Now available in the Philippines through BeautyMNL, experience the brand’s lovely qualities and place your orders today for fast, hassle-free delivery.

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