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Launched in 2009 by London based designer Chunwei Liao, Paperself has forever changed the game when it comes to paper products. With a range of eco-conscious yet stylish creations that cover everything from furniture to falsies, their innovations are nothing less than breathtaking. Paperself Lashes are just the latest addition to their magnificent lineup. Inspired by the Chinese art of paper cutting, these lashes blend elements of traditional culture with contemporary design in the most beautiful way. With their exquisite craftsmanship and stunning designs, it’s no wonder that these works of art have exploded onto the fashion scene as the ultimate avant-garde accessory.

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Full Peonies Lashes PAPERSELF
₱950.00 ₱570.00
Full Horses Lashes PAPERSELF
₱950.00 ₱570.00
Quirky Clown Lashes PAPERSELF
₱950.00 ₱570.00
Small Peonies Lashes PAPERSELF
₱950.00 ₱570.00
Small Horses Lashes PAPERSELF
₱950.00 ₱570.00
Full Peacock Lashes PAPERSELF
₱950.00 ₱570.00
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About Paperself

Headquartered in London, Paperself is the creator of the world’s leading paper lashes and unique temporary tattoos. Launched in 2009 by furniture and jewelry designer ChunWei Liao, Paperself is a collaborative effort of artists, designers, and manufacturers from East and West to change the way you look—and the way you look at paper.

Paperself’s whimsical designs draw inspiration from the Chinese art of paper cutting. Skilled craftsmen cut each paper lash to create intricate shapes with symbolic meanings in Chinese culture—peacocks (auspicious and luck), horses (success), flowers (love and romance), and deer & butterflies (free and beautiful) included. These paper lashes have become big fashion accessories for runways and avant-garde photoshoots. In fact, celebrities such as The Hunger Games’ stars Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks, as well as Rihanna and Anne Hathaway, are no strangers to these paper creations.

The brand’s temporary tattoos are another fun way of expressing yourself. They’re hand drawn and painted by illustrators, allowing everyone to have a piece of wearable art. You can rock them during music festivals, beach trips, or just because.

Express your self with Paperself. Shop it on BeautyMNL and get free shipping on orders worth PHP1,500 or more.

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