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Palty is a Japanese hair color brand renowned for its bleaching tints and vivid, trendy dyes. With gyaru goddess Tsubasa Masuwaka as its muse, Palty invites you to experiment with color, lighten your locks, and embrace cutting-edge Japanese beautification with its fabulous DIY products.

About Palty

Palty is a Japanese hair color brand that is known for its bleaching tints and brightly colored dyes. Each product has been guaranteed to fully color or lighten your hair. This is while leaving a refreshing fruity fragrance and a shiny smooth finish, courtesy of a double dose of Camellia oil.

The brand itself caters to the country’s ““gyaru”” fashion culture. This style is typically characterized by having heavily bleached or dyed hair, mostly shades from dark brown to blonde. Nowadays, the culture itself is gradually drifting to apply to an older age group, whose seeming lack of interest in work or marriage gave the word a childish image.

Following this trend, Palty now aims to give women the chance to look younger again through well-styled and dyed hair. Its products are made to cater to a wide variety of hair types, allowing them to change their looks right in the comfort of their own homes.

Of course, looking younger can be only achieved by using products that won’t harm you. That’s why Palty hair colors are easy to apply, with no burning sensations or pain. These also do not contain poisonous bleach smells, using only the safest ingredients. Each package also comes with a detailed set of instructions to make your preparation time even more fun and worry-free. Best of all, it does not dry out hair unlike other dyes.

This youthful approach also shows in the names Palty chose for its products. Its colors are named after delectable treats like ““creamy caramel latte,”” "”honey peanuts,”” "”bitter cappuccino,”” and ““juicy peach,”” among others.

Now, you too can get into the gyaru hype and enjoy one of Japan’s top hair color treatments yourself. Order Palty products on BeautyMNL today! Sign up and get free shipping on purchases worth PHP 2,000 or more.