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The #1 Personal Care Brand in the Philippines, Palmolive is inspired by natural ingredients combined with years of personal care expertise. Its wide range of high quality products addresses your hair and body care needs, giving you the power to transform your body and mind to see the beauty that life contains. Discover a renewed sense of positivity with Palmolive everyday.

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About Palmolive

Who hasn’t heard of Palmolive? Chances are you might even have their products in your bathroom right now. But did you know it has an extremely wide range of hair products, suited for each and every hair type? Check out all the items above and find out why Palmolive is the #1 Personal Care Brand in the Philippines.

A few of the Palmolive products available on BeautyMNL include their Expertique Anti-Frizz Serum, Expertique Smoothique Conditioner, Expertique Revitaliste Conditioner, Expertique Intensive Hair Mask, Expertique Smoothique Shampoo, and Expertique Resiliente Shampoo, among many, many others. No need to go to the mall or supermarket to find your Palmolive hair essentials—you can just order them all from BeautyMNL.

BeautyMNL connects you with both large brands as well as boutique makers, giving you access to thousands of hair products, updated daily. Have anything and everything you need delivered straight to your doorstep.

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