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Paleovore offers paleo-friendly, vegetarian snacks made with only fruits, vegetables, and all-natural seasonings.

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About Paleovore

Snack lovers, rejoice! Let your tastebuds lead the way to healthy eating with Paleovore, a Philippine-based brand that whips up fiber-filled, unprocessed snacks with natural ingredients. These are right in line with the Paleo diet, which advocates for high protein and fiber and says no to processed food, and in general, they’re great for vegetarians and serial snackers. How they’re prepared is as clean as can be—lightly seasoned, vacuum-fried under low temperature to preserve nutrients and natural color, and made without any breading, batter, or extra oil.

Paleovore offers the following snacks, among others: mushroom, mixed fruits and veggies, okra, onion, and purple potato, all with their own health benefits! Mushrooms are a good source of protein and fiber, and their extra selenium acts as an antioxidant that boosts the immune system. Alternatively, get your daily nutritional dose with mixed fruits and veggies or with okra, which has high fiber content for boosting digestion. Onions are an overlooked superfood because they’re not as exotic, but they’re actually loaded with vitamin C and B6, flavonoids, and phytochemicals. Finally, if you’re craving for sugar, munch instead on purple potato chips for some antioxidants and anti-disease phytonutrients. Can’t choose? Then try them all!

We understand that it can be difficult to find Paleovore’s snacks near your area, so we’ve made them available through our easy-to-use online store! Order now from BeautyMNL, and we’ll deliver them to wherever you are in the country.

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