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Each and every member of Ottogi is committed to improving their customers’ dietary habits, by providing delicious quality and enhanced nutrition with advanced food technology. With their 3-Minute Meals made from fresh meat and vegetables, they aim to deliver decent nutrition—even when modern, hectic lifestyles lead to busy work schedules that don’t allow room for cooking time. All their products are manufactured in state-of-the-art automatic process lines in a hygienic, sanitized environment. It is Ottogi’s vision to produce excellent quality food to make their customers around the world healthy and happy.
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Honey Citron Tea 1kg
₱386.00 ₱429.00
Jin Ramen Mild (Pack of 5)
₱189.00 ₱210.00
Delicious Tteokbokki with Ramen (436g)
₱189.00 ₱210.00
Real Cheese Ramen (4-Pack)
₱346.00 ₱384.00
Jin Ramen Hot (Pack of 5)
₱189.00 ₱210.00
Jin Ramen Mild Cup (6 x 65g)
₱259.00 ₱288.00
Dipping Sauce for Soba 360ml
₱221.00 ₱246.00
Honey Quince (Pear) Tea 500g
₱248.00 ₱276.00
Ottogi Kimchi Ramen (Pack of 4)
₱162.00 ₱180.00
Chicken Frying Mix 1kg
₱216.00 ₱240.00
Ottogi Curry Powder (Mild) 100g (Pack of 3)
₱327.00 ₱363.00
Jin Ramen Hot (65g) 6-Pack
₱294.00 ₱327.00
Ramen Sari "Plain Noodle" 110g (Pack of 5)
₱130.00 ₱144.00
Honey Jujube (Red Dates) Tea 500g
₱248.00 ₱276.00
Ottogi Curry Powder (MEDIUM) 100g (Pack of 3)
₱327.00 ₱363.00
Ottogi Curry Powder (HOT) 100g (Pack of 3)
₱327.00 ₱363.00
Jjajang Powder Spicy Flavor (100g) 3-Pack
₱421.00 ₱468.00
Jjajang Powder Original Flavor (100g) 3-Pack
₱356.00 ₱396.00
Korean Cheese Ramen Pouch
₱238.00 ₱264.00
Korean Pancake Mix 1kg
₱140.00 ₱155.00
Gold Mayonnaise (500g)
Gold Mayonaise 300g
Yetnel Seaweeds 100g
₱184.00 ₱204.00
Shrimp Frying Mix 1kg
₱216.00 ₱240.00
Curry Powder (Hot) 100g
Curry Powder (Medium) 100g
Seafood Jjampong Ramyun Noodles (120g x 4)