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Founded in 1972, Orihiro Co. Ltd. is a Japanese Corporation with divisions in machinery, raw materials, and health food. Their wholesale distribution of dietary and nutritional supplements includes dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes, nutritional supplement shakes, processed soymilk electrolyte drinks, nutritional supplement cookies, crackers, energy bars, and jellies. Boost your health and wellbeing with Orihiro.

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About Orihiro

Since 1972, Orihiro Co. Ltd. has been creating a wide variety of products for the Japanese market, wide divisions as disparate as machinery and raw materials and health food. Over the years, Orihiro’s reputation as a distributor of high-quality medical-grade dietary and health supplements has grown well outside its original Japanese market. Some of their products simply have no other equivalent, further demand throughout the rest of the world.

If you’re curious about what this Japanese household icon has to offer, you’re in luck. BeautyMNL also carries Orihiro products in the Philippines. Try out their Night Diet Tea, Placenta Collagen, and Collagen w/ Hyaluronic Acid.

Find all your specialty food supplements, health products and more, here at BeautyMNL. We offer a near limitless array of international products you simply won’t get anywhere else. Have your favorites from Orihiro and other brands shipped to your home, wherever it is in the Philippines.

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