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OMI Menturm is a Japanese healthcare brand by the OMI Brotherhood, a company that offers skincare products to suit everyone needs. From lip care to body care, these include soothing, nourishing, and protecting ointments, creams, and balms. With a stringent quality control, a Japanese manufacturing philosophy, and an ear towards the aspirations of their consumers, the OMI Brotherhood is successfully able to deliver effective skin solutions through high-quality products.

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About OMI Menturm

Featuring a variety of quality pharmaceutical, skin, and body care solutions, Omi Menturm is a Japanese brand that caters to the needs of everyone. The company is currently headed by Toru Yamamura under the OMI BROTHERHOOD, LTD., where products are developed to help you breeze through everyday life. From medicated cosmetics to their unique line of lip care, each product is made effective and affordable without being overrated.

Through constant research and studying various perspectives, Omi Menturm develops their easy-to-use products with medicinal properties at its center. Some of their popular items include the Kuchibeni Iranai Lip Balm and the Lip Dress Balm from their lustrous lip care line. These bestsellers easily provide the protection your lips need with each line showcasing a unique set of features to help all kinds of customers.

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