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Omega Houseware

Omega Houseware supplies and distributes quality houseware products such as drinkware, tableware, kitchenware, and glassware. Since its humble beginnings, Omega's main goal has always been to offer quality, modern, innovative and functional houseware products as well as provide modern everyday solutions to the modern Filipino family and make their lives easier. As the last letter of the Greek Alphabet, Omega conducts extensive research before launching the final product for quality that stands the test of time. Omega's wide range of products ensures that no matter the season, the need, or the location, there's an Omega product perfect just for you.
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Omega Elizabeth Round Ceramic Casserole with Lid in Gift Box (2L)
₱464.00 ₱580.00
Shaula 800ml Square Glass Food Keeper
₱125.00 ₱250.00
Rotter 350ml Plastic French Press with Stainless Steel Filter
₱184.00 ₱230.00
Robbia 370ml Rectangular Glass Food Keeper
Shaula 520ml Square Glass Food Keeper
₱100.00 ₱200.00
Shannon Tritan Bottle (1000ml)
₱160.00 ₱200.00
Beech Wooden Slotted Turner
₱136.00 ₱170.00
Adolf Rectangular Glass Bakedish (2.5L)
₱280.00 ₱350.00
Beech Wooden Turner
₱136.00 ₱170.00
Maisyn New Bone Mug (13oz)
Arzak 1.0L Round Glass Casserole with Lid
₱184.00 ₱230.00
Orien Rectangular Glass Roaster
₱384.00 ₱480.00
Vendome 1.0L Rectangular Glass Bakedish
₱160.00 ₱200.00
Beech Wooden Spoon
₱136.00 ₱170.00
Adolf Rectangular Glass Bakedish (1.8L)
₱240.00 ₱300.00
Azari 2-Tier Round Bowl with Collapsible Rack
₱910.00 ₱1,300.00
Graycen New Bone Mug (13oz)
Beech Wooden Slotted Spoon
₱136.00 ₱170.00
Alva 3.2L Ceramic Casserole Black
₱1,080.00 ₱1,350.00
Huxley Aluminum Ceramic Coating Fry Pan (20cm)
₱424.00 ₱530.00
Shannon Tritan Bottle (700ml)
₱144.00 ₱180.00
Arzak 2.5L Round Glass Casserole with Lid
₱280.00 ₱350.00
Robbia 640ml Rectangular Glass Food Keeper
Huxley Aluminum Ceramic Coating Fry Pan (28cm)
₱664.00 ₱830.00
Beech Wooden Fork
₱136.00 ₱170.00
Zayn Tritan Water Bottle with Handle in Green (800ml)
₱245.00 ₱350.00
Cydney Double Wall Insulated Tumbler
₱350.00 ₱500.00
Aliyah Screw Top Bottle with Silicone Grip (650ml)
₱184.00 ₱230.00
Phyllis 2.5L Square Glass Casserole
₱320.00 ₱400.00
Alva 2.2L Ceramic Casserole Black
₱904.00 ₱1,130.00