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Here’s how to turn your shower into a treat: Ol’factory is a line of premium-grade, all-natural aromatic soaps that stand in for a spa treatment! Each bar is infused with an array of delectable scents to stir and inspire the senses. Each bar also maintains a natural level of 96%, with aromatherapeutic formulations that evoke a sense of nostalgia, awaken the imagination, or inspire action. Most importantly, these soaps keep the skin smooth, firm, and healthy. Treat yourself to a truly refreshing bath with the Ol’factory experience.

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About Ol'factory

Specializing in aromatic and soothing soaps that will surely make your showers feel fresh and heavenly, Ol’Factory is a brand that creates premium-grade and all-natural soaps infused with delicate and enticing scents suited for everyday use. The brand derives its name from one of our five main senses, and delivers a product line that aims to invigorate and awaken your mind and spirit after every bath.

With over 25 fragrant options, you’ll surely find the scent that fits your mood or personality. If you haven’t tried any of their products yet, grab their bestselling Fresh Bamboo Bar and enjoy a clean and refreshing sensation during bathtime. Each Ol’Factory soap bar is made from gentle ingredients such as coconut oil and chamomile extracts that combat fine lines and soothe dryness and irritation, making it perfect for those who deal with sensitive skin. Make Ol’Factory a part of your morning or evening habit and enjoy the benefits of a calming fragrance and a gentle skin solution combined in one bar.

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