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"Whether it's on a bagel or in a crepe, Nutella's distinct flavor and richness adds charm to any dish. With well-deserved merits, Nutella’s signature recipe is made possible by the care and passion that characterize each step of the production process, to bring you a delicious and unforgettable breakfast experience.\\ Nutella’s iconic recipe remains the same, all over the world. It's made by combining 7 carefully selected quality ingredients, which together delivers its signature creaminess and intense flavor. For over 50 years, Nutella has provided families all over the world with the pleasure of a tasty breakfast to start their days positively."
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Nutella B-Ready (135.9 x 2)
Nutella & Go Hazelnut Spread + Breadsticks (52g x 16)
Hazelnut Spread (900g)