Hailing from Korea, Nuganic sets itself apart with healthy formulations customized to the needs of your skin. With a minimalist design philosophy and products that cater even to sensitive complexions, this organic brand plays no games when it comes to skincare.

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Nuganic is a Korean brand of skin and body care products. It specializes in using botanical ingredients that are specially formulated by its expert dermatologists.

The company believes that natural ingredients have always been the key to restoring the skin to its naturally youthful and healthy state. It’s a philosophy that draws inspiration from the ancient natural methods that Korean women have used to maintain their beauty. This is why Nuganic uses purely organic components.

These ingredients are incorporated into Nuganic products using the latest advancements for manufacturing cosmetics. This approach is also the reason behind the name—a portmanteau of the words “new” and “organic.”

These methods include extracting the necessary elements from natural sources and analyzing which ones can target specific skin problems. Then each mixture is formulated for maximum results, even with just a few applications to your skin. Its team of dermatologists have made this possible by maintaining a delicate balance and combination of ingredients for each and every product. Each component of the brand’s cosmetics is produced in-house, using their own methods.

As an environmentally-conscious company, its products are also free of harmful chemicals and parabens that can cause skin problems. It also conforms to the highest makeup safety standards by performing stringent dermatological tests on its makeup and skin care items. This allows you to enjoy Nuganic products that are made with skin safety in mind, preventing undesirable side effects or allergies.

The company also maintains a cruelty-free practice by not using animal testing at any stage of its product formulation and composition. Nuganic also has a Green Campaign program that aims to promote sustainable environmental practices as a means of giving back to its communities.

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