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As one of the world’s largest skincare brands, Nivea understands skin like no one else. With each product backed by over 130 years of experience in skin care and the world’s most modern skin research center, Nivea has proven to be a trusted brand that brings out the most beautiful, healthiest-looking skin. Whether male or female, young or old, oily or dry to everywhere in between, you’re sure to find products that gently yet effectively cleanse, nourish and protect your skin, just the way you need it.

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Nivea is one of the most recognized and trusted skincare brands in the world. It was established in Germany in 1911 and is owned by Hamburg-based Beiersdorf Global AG. The name itself is a Latin word meaning ““snow-white.””

The company’s origins go back to the 1900s when German chemist Isaac Lifschütz developed a water-in-oil emulsion, to be used as a skin cream. It was mixed with eucerit, the first stable emulsion of its kind. This was the basis for what would later be known as the Nivea cream.

The company dedicates a major part of its efforts into researching the causes of skin aging and finding new ways to fight it. According to its findings, the biggest cause of skin ageing is UV radiation from the sun. Their researchers found that it was also responsible for at least 80% to 90% of skin aging causes, simply because these UV rays can deeply penetrate the skin’s layers and damage skin cells.

Over time, accumulated UV exposure can result in symptoms such as dark patches, age spots, uneven skin tone, dry skin, and the destruction of the skin’s connective tissue. These can result in unwanted wrinkles, sagging, and eye bags.

These are some of the biggest problems that Nivea seeks to address. This is why Nivea uses special ingredients such as Q10, arctiin, and creatine—powerful substances that give your skin a means to fight the signs of aging. All Nivea products containing these ingredients have been proven to support the skin’s natural cell renewal process, in turn reducing problems such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Now, you too can enjoy the world’s best skin care products. Order Nivea creams, lotions, sunblock, and other items here on BeautyMNL. Sign up with us today to get free shipping for purchases worth PHP 2,000 or more.

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