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Neutra Organics provides locally made products that are only natural, organic, and plant-based ingredients. Their products are safe to use for the family, including mommies and babies. Go organic with Neutra Organics!

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About Neutra Organics

In 2015, Jane Lacap founded Neutra Organics, a local line of natural and organic products. Marketed as safe for babies, kids, and those with sensitive skin, the brand has grown from the field of wellness into the beauty and makeup arena. The handcrafted healing, personal care, and aesthetic products guarantee miracle results thanks to its small batch production using the rules of Kitchen Chemistry.

Aside from the Ms. Jane cosmetics line that has captivated Pinay beauty bloggers, Neutra Organics also rounds out its roster of products with ranges of essential oils, balms, tints, hair and home sprays. Its Rosy Tint lip and cheek product is known for giving even morena complexions that flushed, fresh-from-a-workout glow. For those looking for a subtler tint, their Angel’s Kiss tinted lip balm can give a hint of color while moisturizing at the lips at the same time. Neutra Organics has acne antidotes as well, which work for both pimples and rashes. One of their bestselling breakout remedies is the Tea Tree of Life balm, which works as a healing cream that dries up active acne. The brand even has a rose-scented sea salt spray for volumizing hair, which is aptly named Salty Rose.

Get all your beauty and skincare essentials from Neutra Organics. Can’t find them in store? Conveniently browse through their products on BeautyMNL. Shop now and get free shipping directly to your door in the Philippines with orders worth P1,500 and up!

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