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Nelson Honey brings together three generations or over 100 years of beekeeping and honey production experience to offer the best of New Zealand’s bee products. Nelson Honey is proud to produce natural products with as little “nasties” as possible, passing on all the natural goodness to you. This means Nelson Honey does not cook their Manuka Honey to artificially create high MG (Methylglyoxal) levels. Nelson Honey also implements strict quality control across all their products, giving you the peace of mind that you’re using a quality product.

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Nelson Honey is a family-owned brand from New Zealand. Growing up in a family of beekeepers, Philip Cropp developed a deep appreciation of bees as well as bee products and their benefits. In 1973, he built Nelson Honey & Marketing.

A beekeeping company at heart, Nelson Honey puts a prime in maintaining the environment of bees. Together with its sister companies Rainbow Honey Ltd and Scenicland Honey Ltd, Nelson Honey has grown over 5,000 hives in the Top of South and along the West Coast of New Zealand. All are embedded in lush forests free from insecticides and other agricultural sprays.

Nelson Honey divides its huge array of honey products into skincare, health, and nutrition. In its nutrition category, Manuka Honey and Honeydew Honey remain bestsellers. They’re minimally processed and contain zero preservatives yet delivers a complex taste best paired with your oatmeal and crackers, or as a dip for your fresh fruit.

Today, Nelson Honey exports globally to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States, UK, Thailan, Middle East, and the Philippines to name a few. Enjoy this sweet, sticky, and simply delicious treat at BeautyMNL. Get free shipping on orders worth PHP1,500 or more.

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