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Nature’s Kick Honeystix provides safe plastic drinking straws filled with all-natural honey in many different flavors. Known as the “fastest to open candy in the world,” their easy-to-open pop-top seal allows you to enjoy them anywhere, any time! Parents love the health benefits of honey and kids love the delicious taste—Nature’s Kick Honeystix are perfect for everyone!

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About Nature's Kick Honeystix

Founded in 1982, Nature’s Kick Honeystix was invented by Glenn Peters in Salem, Oregon. As a fellow lover of honey, he made it possible for people to enjoy the healthy snack in the most convenient packaging possible. Through his environmentally safe plastic drinking straws filled will cold-processed, full flavor honey, just about anyone can enjoy and get their honey fix anytime, anywhere.

The mastermind behind this revolutionary candy concept actually started out as a commercial beekeeper and sold gourmet honey right in his home state. When the idea of a honey delivery route came to mind, he started to think of ways he could easily share samples of his honey to people. After months of trial and error, he thought of a straw-like design where people can simply sip for a taste of his honey and started working on this venture from scratch.

Eventually, children and adults alike were grabbing their share of Honeystix and it was enthusiastically received by the public. Originally thought to only have potential in health food stores, Honeystix soon became available everywhere from supermarkets, restaurants, roadside produce stands, high school and college bookstores, to snack bars in ski lodges, resort stores and health clubs. In select locations, Honeystix became even more popular than chewing gum!

This convenient and fun-to-eat product became so popular, it sold its one billionth stick by 2009 and continues to sell even more until this day. Now, you too can experience the wonderful taste behind Nature’s Kick Honeystix here in the Philippines through BeautyMNL! Place your orders today and get free shipping for orders worth PHP1,500 or more.

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