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Nature’s Coco seeks to bring natural nourishment to the increasingly health-conscious customer. We seek to expand awareness on how we can benefit from the goodness that is abundant in nature. We encourage pride in the use and support of locally-grown and world-class products. We merge traditional ways with new advances for a holistic take on being healthy and living the worthy life.

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About Nature's Coco

Nature’s Coco is a local brand introduced in 2017 that seeks to bring nourishment to increasingly health-conscious Filipino customers. With the mission of expanding knowledge on how we can benefit from the natural goodness abundant nature, all of their products use only the best, locally-grown ingredients.

Nature’s Coco flagship offering - the 100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil - embodies this goal of providing world-class solutions towards a more holistic, healthy life. It’s extracted from fresh locally-sourced, organically-grown coconuts and undergoes the no-heat multiphase centrifuge filtration process - all to ensure you get the cleanest and most nutritious oil suitable for you and your whole family. Virgin coconut oil can be used it in a multitude of ways - it’s a top-notch dietary supplement with its medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), fatty acids that are metabolized differently for a surge of energy and numerous medicinal properties. Take a spoon a day (or with a creamy, delicious cup of bulletproof coffee!) to boost immunity (it’s also known for its antibacterial and anti-viral properties), encourage fat loss, and increases good cholesterol for heart health. If that’s not enough, virgin coconut oil also serves as a potent makeup remover, skin and hair moisturizer, and provides sunburn relief!

Start embracing a healthier, more organic lifestyle. Nature’s Coco is available on BeautyMNL.

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