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Thai brand Nanomed offers a line of health and beauty products for everyday personal care. With its variety of tested-safe skincare and body care formulas, Nanomed brings you practical and effective solutions that don’t break the bank.

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About Nanomed

Nanomed is a Thailand-based manufacturer of skin and body care products. It specializes in botanical ingredients processed through nanotechnology.

Unlike other brands, Nanomed employs an in-house team to formulate its own products. They are responsible for testing each ingredient before carefully extracting and processing them for production. Their ingredients include extracts from tamarind, emblic berries, ipomoea, and aloe vera. These are all packed with essential vitamins that enable the skin to return to its healthy state.

This same team also helps to keep the company updated on the most recent practices and trends in the medi-cosmetic sciences. Because of this, Nanomed’s products are manufactured with great precision—using only the highest quality materials to ensure the best results for its users. Since their products have mainly botanical components, Nanomed products do not contain any artificial ingredients and chemicals that can cause allergies on your skin.

As a testament to their products’ effectiveness, its products have been used by clients and patients of famous doctors for decades. They have also been reviewed by well-known columnists in international newspapers and websites. All of its patented products, brands, and formulations are developed entirely in-house.

The company also prides itself with keeping an open communication channel with its customers. By interacting with them through online portals and phone calls, it gains the feedback necessary to develop or improve their products to better suit their needs. This allows it to stay ahead of the competition and constantly improve its services.

Today, Nanomed exports their innovations to several countries. These include Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Sweden, the US, and the Philippines.

In the Philippines, you can order Nanomed’s expertly formulated skin products through us at BeautyMNL. Sign up and order from our website today to get free shipping for purchases worth PHP 2,000 or more.

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