Dedicated to bringing only the best of nature to you, Naked Glory Organics creates safe, natural products that promote skin health. Composed of skin-friendly ingredients from nature’s garden, the beauty brand not only promotes the goodness of Mother Earth but also contributes to a sustainable environment. If you’re looking to use less chemically formulated products, indulge with Naked Glory Organics and revel in your natural beauty.

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About Naked Glory Organics

Naked Glory Organics is a local homegrown brand that focuses on care for makeup tools through organic, skin-friendly ingredients. They also carry oils and serums, lip and cheek stains, and beeswax candles. All products are all safe and cruelty-free, aiming to give back to Mother Earth through building and contributing towards a sustainable environment.

Naked Glory Organics makes it easy to maintain your hardworking makeup brushes and sponges with their Makeup Brush Cleanser, available in 50g and 100g variants. The mild, semi-solid formula melts dirt and oils to keep your tools sparkling clean, good as new, and safe to use for the years to come. It has no chemicals, so you’re assured your tools won’t cause any irritation. Instead, it’s made with a blend of argan oil, virgin coconut oil, goat’s milk, and tea tree oil - imagine just how heavenly it smells! Fancy even more delightful scents? Naked Glory Organics also offer Tealight Beeswax Candles that not just uplift the senses, but also improves the quality of surrounding air! It comes in a refreshing peppermint and bergamot fragrance that can instantly transform the feel of your home.

Make the healthy switch and care for your investments with products that care. Naked Glory Organics is now available on BeautyMNL.

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