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Thailand-born Mythe creates revolutionary personal care products for women on the go. Its most popular time-saving concoction is a nail polish remover that requires one simple “dip and twist” action, shortening the time and effort of nail cleaning with just one bottle. Natural ingredients such as Avocado Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Vitamin E ensure your nails are nourished and your skin stays soft, no matter how often you apply nail color.

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About Mythe

Founded in 2014, Mythe is a Thailand-based provider of personal care products and cosmetics. Among their main products are their innovative nail polish removers. These removers are easy to use, unlike other brands that need multiple applications.

The two main problems of most nail polish remover solutions are the drying time and the strong scent of acetone, which sticks in the air. This is where Mythe comes in–it is an acetone-free remover that comes in a convenient, easy-to-carry jar. It has a pleasant jasmine scent and can remove nail polish in a matter of seconds.

To use it, simply dip your finger into the sponge located in the jar and twist the jar to rub off the nail polish. Mythe products won’t dry your nails and cuticles. It can even leave a moisturizing residue that helps to condition your nails and fingertips. The sponge inside is not abrasive and doesn’t dry out over time, provided you put the cap back on tightly after every use to prevent evaporation.

The company only sources natural ingredients in their products to maintain your nails’ natural strength, no matter how many times you apply nail polish. These include avocado oil, tea tree oil, and vitamin E to ensure your nails are nourished and the skin around them stays soft. As it uses mainly botanical ingredients, Mythe does not use any harmful chemicals and allergy-causing properties, making it suitable for all nail types.

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