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Especially designed for kids and teens, myFirst opens up your child to the wonderful world of technology. They aim to bridge the gap and reinvent the way kids learn by producing educational electronics that play a vital role in your child’s cognitive learning and personality development. As building blocks for growth, their collection of innovative tech toys ranges from GPS-equipped wearable smartphones and beginner digital cameras to multipurpose drawing boards and wireless headphones.
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3D Pen
3D Pen Filament
Sketch Book Liquid Crystal Sketch Pad (10")
Fone R1 Hybrid 4G Watchphone
Camera2 8MP with Water/Dustproof Case
Sketch Neo Liquid Crystal Sketch Pad (10")
Voice Bluetooth Microphone
Camera3 16MP Dual Lens with Macro
Headphone BC
Sketch Board (21")
Sketch II Liquid Crystal Sketch Pad (8.5")
Camera1 5MP
Headphone Wireless
Sketch II Liquid Crystal Sketch Pad (10")
Camera Insta Thermal Paper
Camera Insta Thermal Sticker
Sketch Pro Liquid Crystal Sketch Pad with Erase (10")