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My Daily Collagen is a mango-flavored liquid supplement from Japan that provides our daily requirement of collagen—the protein necessary to keep our skin looking radiant, and our bodies healthy. Unlike other collagen products, My Daily Collagen packs just the right amount of marine collagen peptide, which is the purest and safest collagen, at 1000mg per bottle. It also contains royal jelly, a nutritious substance that’s important for cell growth and reproduction. What’s more, My Daily Collagen is the only collagen liquid supplement on the market that caters to men AND women. Shop it now on BeautyMNL!

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About My Daily Collagen Drink

An infinite youthful glow is what everyone wants but as we age, our bodies’ collagen production declines and we become more susceptible to wrinkles, enlarged pores, and blemished skin. Luckily, Japan-made My Daily Collagen is now here to answer our woes and what if’s when it comes to skin aging and damage.

My Daily Collagen is a wonder drink distributed exclusively by Global Wellness Enterprise and is the brainchild of Japan’s Nizona Corporation. It preserves your skin’s elasticity and restores your youthful glow while keeping your body in tip-top shape, thanks to its key ingredients collagen, elastin, royal jelly, vitamins B1, B2, and C. Enjoyed once a day either in the morning or before bedtime, this miracle bottle promises not only beautiful skin, but also a healthier body in the long run.

As the only collagen drink in the market that caters to both men and women, My Daily Collagen is a daily liquid supplement that promotes strong bones, builds muscles, helps burn fat, improves digestion, and boosts your immune system, all while supplying your body with powerful ingredients to maintain luminous skin from within.

My Daily Collagen is available at supermarkets and drugstores nationwide, but why go through the fuss of leaving the comforts of your home just to get your hands on it? Get it now at BeautyMNL and enjoy a hassle-free and convenient shopping experience!

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