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The No.1 facial-care mask from Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore is now in Manila! My Beauty Diary’s commitment to addressing common Asian skin problems has birthed a wide range of coveted beauty products, from the ultra-hydrating to the infinitely luxurious—and that’s how it sold over 100 million masks sold just in 2011. Its key insight “Beauty is in the base” resonates with so many women, allowing them to truly be comfortable in their own skin.

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About My Beauty Diary

Founded in 2004, My Beauty Diary has become the most popular sheet mask brand in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. It offers a great variety of affordable sheet masks aimed at restoring a delicate and younger look for your skin.

Unlike other brands, the company’s sheet masks feature a unique three-layered structure hydration structure that’s imported from Japan. These are built using eco-friendly plant fibers that have excellent water absorption abilities and flexibility. This material allows them to fit snugly on your facial contours and leave no part untreated.

Each mask delivers a generous 23g of highly-moisturizing serum in each mask sachet, with enough left over to apply on your neck area and cover every inch of your skin. Simply cleanse your face before applying the mask and leave it on for at least 20 minutes for it to take effect.

My Beauty Diary only uses natural ingredients to ensure that your facial skin receives the best nutrients for optimum restoration. Its products are guaranteed to be free of any chemical preservatives that can otherwise cause allergic reactions. The company also sources ingredients for its products directly from manufacturers, allowing them to offer their customers the best prices.

As of 2011, the company has sold over 100 million sheet masks and is still growing. These millions of sheet masks address a wide variety of skin problems. So whether you need to moisturize or exfoliate, My Beauty Diary has the right products for you.

And despite offering a wide range of sheet masks, the company ensures that each and every variant works so well that they win accolades. In 2015, My Beauty Diary won an award as the best insta-brightening sheet mask at the Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame. It also won as the best-selling facial mask and the 2015 Favorite Product award at the Guardian Health & Beauty Awards.

Now, you too can enjoy the benefits of Asia’s top-ranked facial masks. Get your My Beauty Diary masks on BeautyMNL today. Sign up with us today to get free shipping for purchases worth PHP 2,000 and above.

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