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Emco is a family business situated in the beautiful countryside outside Prague, in the heart of Europe. Emco believes that everything starts with tasty and healthy products. That’s the base and DNA of all Emco products. Everything that comes out of the factory has to be super tasty. At the same time, these same products need to offer relevant nutritional benefits which make them the preferred choice for consumers.

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About Musli

In the world of fast-food, junk food, and processed food, it’s difficult to come across brands that offer healthy, yet super tasty alternatives. That’s where Musli comes in! Coming from an organic foods family business all the way from Prague, you can be sure there’s heart in every bite.

Shop Musli’s bestselling products on BeautyMNL such as Oat Biscuit (chocolate and hazelnut flavors), Crunchy Oat Cereal (375g), and Organic Bio Musli USDA-Organic Oat Cereal. All products are organic and contain whole grain, a healthy and slow-burning carbohydrate your body will love.

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