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With premium-grade, organic, all-natural oyster mushrooms, your tastebuds are in for an adventure! All our products are grown locally by farmers from Quezon province.

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About Mushroom Republic's Crispy Mushrooms

Imagine snacking on vegetables the way you munch and binge eat potato chips. Impossible? Think again. Mushroom Republic’s Crispy Mushrooms is the perfect vegetable snack – so delicious and crunchy you won’t even think it’s a vegetable! This heart-healthy snack is made of organic mushrooms harvested and locally-sourced from the province of Quezon. It’s proudly dairy-free, vegetarian, baby-safe, and pregnancy-safe; making it an extremely versatile snack which anyone can eat! It is available in 8 flavors: Original, Spicy, BBQ, Garlic Butter, Cheese, Coco Vinegar, Sweet Corn, and Pizza.

Mushrooms are considered superfoods, which basically makes it one of the healthiest foods you can consume. These vegetables prime itself with a nutritional value that is extremely low in calorie and low in fat content. Mushrooms are packed with fiber and protein which makes it known to prevent and treat serious health conditions and improve overall health. And don’t be fooled with its pale exterior – mushrooms contain many antioxidants as more colorful fruits and vegetables.

Having a healthy eating plate is essential and this doesn’t just mean every meal, but every snack and bite you make counts! BeautyMNL assures that it offers snacks that are healthy and delicious to hone a fit and active lifestyle. Choose from yummy treats in BeautyMNL’s Wellness category, add it to your cart, checkout, and your package is good to go!

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