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Mucho & Co.

Mucho & Co. is a small start-up that makes all-natural dehydrated pet treats, pet essentials, and most recently, pet accessories. The brand was inspired by founder and dog parent Tim's cute doggos, Mucho and Vivi. Mucho has always had sensitive skin and has always been a very picky eater, while Vivi, unfortunately, developed dry and rough paws. He decided to make the treats and balms at home to guarantee the safety and quality of every ingredient used. Today, Mucho & Co. continues to be committed to using only natural and quality ingredients. Their products are absolutely safe for dogs, cats, and even hoomans!
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Paw + Bum and Paw Balm Bundle
Paw Balm by Mucho & Co.
All Good Balm + Paw Balm Bundle
Paw + Bum No-Rinse Cleansing Foam Bottle (100ml)
Supplement Topper (Ultra Boost)
Supplement Topper (Skin & Coat)
Supplement Topper (Goop)
Savory Topper (Here's the Quail)
Savory Topper (Berry Mucho)
Savory Topper - Salmon Flakes
Supplement Topper - Bundle
Paw + Bum No-Rinse Cleansing Foam Bundle
Savory Topper (Chicken Floss)
Savory Topper (Benana)
Savory Topper - New Zealand Green Mussels
All Good Balm by Mucho & Co.
Savory Topper - Dilis & Tawilis
Savory Topper - Chicken Dust
Paw + Bum No-Rinse Cleansing Foam Concentrate (175ml)
Savory Topper (Bunny Floss)
Savory Topper - Beefy Dust
Don't Stink All-Natural Deodorizing Spray (100ml)