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Since its inception, Moroccanoil® has become a haircare industry sensation embraced by celebrities, runway stylists and women the world over. What exactly are they raving about? Moroccanoil® antioxidant-infused Argan oil formula transforms your hair unlike any other. Their multi-award-winning Moroccanoil® Treatment gives you a naturally silky, lustrous, static-free finish as it repairs hair from within. This miracle elixir has graced the locks of some of Hollywood’s hottest stars – from Jennifer Lopez to Katy Perry - and is the best-kept (or shall we say worst?) secret of fashion and beauty insiders. Moroccanoil® is not just the “It” product of the moment. It could well be the defining hair product of the century. We invite you to experience Moroccanoil® and discover the performance behind the headlines.

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About Moroccanoil®

What created the whole buzz behind the argan oil phenomenon actually came from the humble beginnings of Carmen Tal’s Moroccanoil®. After a hair color mishap left her hair damaged, co-founder Carmen was amazed to find argan oil as the key ingredient in bringing her hair back to life. Thus, she began to pursue a vision that allowed her to share this discovery with women all over the world.

To do that, she packed each product with authentic, high quality, Moroccan argan oil. With the plant oil’s rich nutrients and antioxidants, this created the perfect base to develop an extensive hair care line designed to treat all hair types. The award-winning, celebrity-backed collection continues to create waves in the industry, sharing each and every woman a taste of the Moroccanoil® experience.

For soft, silky, beautiful hair, experience the best of Moroccanoil® today. Browse through the selection of BeautyMNL and place your orders for fast, hassle-free delivery.

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