Hailed as liquid gold by industry insiders, Moroccan Argan Oil is the potion du jour of skin care junkies today—and you get first dibs on 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil from the company that gets it straight from the source—The Souq International. Pressed from the nut of the argan tree’s fruit, argan oil has protected the hair and skin of Morocco’s Berber women for centuries. Packed with skin-beneficial compounds—hydrating essential fatty acids, potent antioxidant polyphenols, and nearly three times the amount of vitamin E in olive oil—argan oil has become the latest miracle ingredient in luxury skin and hair care products.

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Moroccan Argan Oil is made by The Souq Organics, a Philippine-based company founded on November 2010. It’s an import company that specializes in scouting for the best of the world’s unconventional and extraordinary body care products and time-tested natural beauty solutions.

As the name suggests, Moroccan Argan Oil’s primary ingredient is extracted from local argan nuts using various pressing methods. These methods were perfected and passed on through generations of Middle Eastern manufacturers. With this ingredient used by local women in Morocco, the company saw potential in this natural moisturizer and organic treatment for different skin conditions.

But why is Moroccan Argan Oil’s parent company called “souq”? A souq literally means a “marketplace,” where people converge to trade since the old times. Hence, The Souq Organics takes inspiration from various cultures, traditions, and tastes to use in its products. It primarily uses organic ingredients sourced from different parts of the world to allow your skin to recover its natural look and texture.

The company strives to maintain an environmentally friendly business model. It sources and uses only extracts from its trusted suppliers—cooperatives and livelihood projects that support the local community. It also supports fair trade by empowering its local sources and providing them a fair share of their business profits.

As an environmentally-friendly company, The Souq Organics excludes ingredients grown using toxic pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers, synthetic growth hormones, and genetically modified organisms. It also avoids those manufactured using artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. The company does not test its products on animals, keeping its products 100% cruelty-free. Its suppliers’ farms also promote sustainable practices to keep its communities.

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