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Elevate your self-care routine to a Modern Ritual. Modern Rituals curates timeless tools, such as gua shas and face rollers, to make your daily routine an experience. All Modern Rituals products are authentic gemstones and are made with the best materials.

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About Modern Rituals by HIMA

Modern Rituals by Hima understands that at the heart of self-care is knowing you’re giving yourself only the very best. This local brand curates timeless tools that transform your me-time and skin care routines into luxurious experiences.

The brand features facial rollers, wands, and gua sha massage tools made from authentic gemstones. Facial rollers have steadily gained traction for allowing skin care products to get absorbed better while providing a cooling, de-stressing sensation. Modern Rituals by Hima’s version is smooth and durable, dual-ended to cover all parts of your face, and looks strikingly pretty on your bedside. If you aren’t into gua sha yet, consider this: the East Asian technique simply involves scraping the skin with a smooth-edged massage tool. Through targeted stimulation, the practice helps improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote relaxation. Its numerous skin benefits include firming up facial muscles, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and lightening discolorations and skin conditions such as acne, all while leaving complexion more glowing and radiant.

The best-selling variants come in 100% jade and rose quartz: the enigmatic jade crystal is a symbol of purity and serenity, widely believed to attract luck and create harmony, while rose quartz is a symbol of all types of unconditional love.

Elevate self-care and experience healing in more ways than one with Modern Rituals by Hima, now available in BeautyMNL.

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