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At Mizu, we don’t just sell an adventure-rich lifestyle, we live it. From our global team of athletes, photographers, and explorers right down to the people developing our products, we spend half our lives outdoors running our gear into the ground. So don’t worry – we’ve got you covered around the clock for icy cold water, steaming hot coffee, lifetime warranties, and so much more.

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About Mizu

In 2008, Finnish Olympic athlete and professional snowboarder Jussi Oksanen founded Mizu together with his friend and filmmaker Brad Kremer to promote awareness against single-use plastic bottles. While traveling and filming for a snowboard film, both adrenaline junkies realized how much the trail of single-use plastics was tarnishing their travels, and so developed a brand that could fuel their passion to create a plastic-free environment. After months of developing a cutting-edge product could live up to their adventure-rich lifestyle, Mizu’s first stainless, insulated steel water bottle was born.

With their elevated design, innovative finishes, and outstanding functionality, Mizu’s water bottles are ideal for travelers, backpackers, plastic-free advocates, and literally anyone who’s plain spontaneous and on-the-go. Thanks to the group of adventurous and dauntless individuals who made Mizu’s vision and products come to life, these innovative liquid containers can keep your drinks ice cold or steaming hot from dawn until the end of the day. Bask in mindful traveling and environment-friendly enjoyment with Mizu’s selection of handy and stylish bottles.

If you’re having a hard time looking for Mizu products in the market, BeautyMNL has got you covered. Shake up your lifestyle and get your personal travel companion in a snap when you order from our site today!

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