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While breast feeding covers most of the nutrients needed by a bab , studies show that after six (6) months there is energy gap that needs to be covered by complementary food. Complementary feeding further support the baby’s growth and development. Milna offers a wide range of food for complementary Feeding: Baby Rusks (6 months - 24 months), Cereals (6 months - 24 months), and Toddler Pudding (12 months - 3 y/o).

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About Milna Baby Food

Infants and toddlers need the right nutrition every day to grow and develop. Milna Baby Food knows this fact by heart, and has committed to it since 2011 by providing moms a wide range of high-quality, nutritious, and yummy baby foods and snacks.

Each Milna item is a good start to your baby’s healthy growth, depending on the age range. Baby Rusks are good for 6 months-24 months, Cereals for 6 months-24 months, and Toddler Puddings for 12 months-3 years old.

The Baby Biscuits are an excellent, well-rounded, balanced source of nutrition for your 6-month-old ball of joy. They are porous, soft, and safe for baby to hold and eat on their own. It’s a great way to slowly ease your child into eating solids! They’re also highly digestive and easy to eat, since saliva easily melts the biscuit’s texture. They come in either Original, Banana, or Mixed Fruits flavors, and are a healthy supplement to the bottle/breastfeeding, since it contains DHA (the brain-building nutrient) and Milk Calcium.

Milna’s Cereal is good for 6-9 month-old babies onwards, optimized for their growth and development, thanks to its dosage of protein, calcium, and vitamins and minerals. It comes in baby-loved flavors Chicken with Pumpkin and Carrot, Chicken Soup and Sweet Corn, Brown Rice and Banana, and Beef and Green Peas. What else is awesome about this Malaysian brand’s products? They’re cholesterol-free, trans fatty acid-free, preservative-free, and artificial coloring-free.

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