Miju or Mijoo is the Sino-Korean word for “beautiful, pretty, pleasing” and “precious gem, jewel, or pearl.” Offering only the best organic and natural products in the market, this Korean Beauty brand aims to help women achieve flawless complexions glowing with a jewel-like perfection. Their nourishing and restorative oils deliver all-around benefits for skin, hair, and nails—all at highly competitive prices! Achieve top-to-toe health with Miju Glow.

Tomato Serum MIJU GLOW
Rosehip Oil MIJU GLOW
Shampoo Bar MIJU GLOW

About Miju Glow

As if you needed even more proof that Korean beauty brands are on top of the beauty game! Miju Glow’s organic cosmetics are made from hand-picked natural products, with the aim of helping you achieve true complexion perfection. Miju Glow’s line of skin and hair care products is quite comprehensive, and they have all that you need to achieve optimum skin and hair health.

BeautyMNL carries an assortment of Miju Glow cosmetics and care products, including their signature Castor Oil with Mascara Brush, Argan Oil, and Bentonite Clay. With Miju Glow, you have all you need to be your most beautiful.

Come back for updates from Miju Glow and for new beauty finds. Have all your faves shipped to any address in the Philippines and choose from a wide selection of payment options.

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