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MET TATHIONE is a premium-grade glutathione supplement imported from Japan. All the raw materials that go into its manufacture are also made in Japan, the most trusted source of supplemental glutathione in the world today.

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About MET Tathione

As the world’s leading producer of glutathione supplements, MET Tathione of Japan takes pride in perfecting the formulation of each product it releases. The company’s goal is to provide women around the world with products that not only improve skin conditions, but also give them a greater feeling of confidence and self-esteem.

MET Tathione’s Whitening Lotion, Glutathione with Algatrium, Whitening Soap are all very popular among Filipinos who desire a lighter complexion and more radiant skin. In a tropical country where the sun’s intense light easily darkens skin, these products are important for maintaining one’s desired look.

BeautyMNL carries a complete array of MET Tathione products that can easily be bought via our online store. All you have to do afterwards is wait for the courier and receive the goodies. No need to go to the mall and get punished by more of the sun’s rays – we’ll take care of all the hassles so you can focus on looking your best.

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