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Memz Premium Pork Chicharon begins and ends with pork. They select only the choicest cuts, creating devilishly small, bite-sized bits that are easy to munch on. Then, their unique, no-oil, multi-fry method extracts incredible flavor, and amazing crunch! Once the frying process is complete, the chicharon is brought to the packing station while the lard is bottled and sold. Expect only bite-sized, crunchy, and utterly delicious chicharon from Memz Premium Pork Chicharon!

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About Memz Premium Pork Chicharon

Our newer understanding of health and the emerging popularity of the keto diet has lent new life and new blood into the chicharon scene. Enter Memz Premium Pork Chicharon. Unlike many other chicharon brands, Memz Premium Pork Chicharon uses no additional oil in their frying process – all that delicious skin is fried in its own fat. To achieve this, a unique, no-oil, multi-fry method is used to achieve that perfect crunch. Eat Memz Premium Pork Chicharon by itself, or use it to garnish sides and salads for an unbeatable porky flavor and texture.

Memz Premium Pork Chicharon is available in different sizes. Enjoy its truly beautiful flavors and textures direct from BeautyMNL.

Get all your keto and gourmet favorites from Memz Premium Pork Chicharon and other brands straight from BeautyMNL. No need to deal with traffic or line up at a cashier in a mall. Have your porky treats delivered wherever you are in the country.

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