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A brand under global giant Kao Corporation, MegRhythm offers innovative products that uses a unique technology to provide instant warmth for relaxation and refreshment. Their unscented and scented steam products are made with a generous blend of natural essential oils to suit your varying moods. Discover their highly popular Steam Eye Mask, which utilizes an advanced self-warming technology from Japan’s R&D laboratories to ease your tension and tiredness in just 10 minutes.

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These make you calm and fresh AF, according to our customers.

About MegRhythm

Founded by Kao Corporation in Japan, MegRythm is a leading brand of steam eye mask that uses self-warming technology. The brand’s name is a portmanteau of “Meguri,” which means blood circulation, and “Rhythm,” which stands for biorhythm. It’s designed to relieve overworked eyes, calm your senses, and brighten your mood.

MegRythm’s steam eye masks give off comfortable warmth that soothes tired eyes after a long day of reading or screen exposure. As a travel buddy, it helps you kick back and relax. It heats up to 40C within seconds and stays warm for 10 minutes. Before you know it, you’re already basking in a good night’s sleep!

The steam eye masks also come in different scents to further deepen relaxation: lavender sage, chamomile ginger, fresh rose, and yuzu citrus. These essential oil-infused masks won’t knock you right out, but it will definitely help put your eyes and mind to rest.

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