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MedKlinn develops and markets healthcare products worldwide. The brand advocates for more livable environments with the latest leading-edge Cerafusion™ Technology. Through their high-quality and durable products, they help protect the long-term health of individuals and their families. Desperate for cleaner air? Invest in MedKlinn's cost-effective solutions for superior air quality in your home.
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Versa 45 Air Sterilizer (Classic Titanium)
₱14,040.00 ₱15,600.00
Asens +20 Air Sterilizer
₱9,576.00 ₱10,640.00
Asens +40 Air Sterilizer
₱12,600.00 ₱14,000.00
Versa 25 Air Sterilizer (Rose Gold)
₱10,872.00 ₱12,080.00