Popular toothpaste line Marvis has revolutionized the way we clean our teeth. The Italian company combines unique flavors and innovative formulas that deliver maximum protection, minty-fresh breath, and a pearlescent smile.

About Marvis

Marvis, which dates back to 1958 was originally registered by Conte Franco Cella Di Rivara in Florence, Italy. It gained popularity in the 70’s as an effective toothpaste for whitening smokers’ stained teeth. In spite of its effectivity, Marvis was still overshadowed by its corporate counterparts, Colgate and Crest. Until, that is, the enterprise was bought by the Ludovico Martelli company in 1997, giving it a second lease on life.

Now, Marvis is sold in over 40 countries around the world, in both groceries and upscale pharmacies. The first toothpaste Marvis created, the Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste, continues to be the bestseller of their product range, especially in Italy. Many fans love it because of the extra strong minty-freshness the toothpastes provides. But Marvis has since taken the concept of toothpaste as just being minty and created seven different flavors, offering new tastes to brushing your teeth.

There’s everything from Ginger and Cinnamon to Jasmin and Amarelli Licorice, which was made in collaboration with the Amarelli company who are said to create the finest licorice in the world. All packaged beautifully in their signature aluminum retro tubes, Marvis elevates the act of brushing your teeth into a pleasure—something that’s not easily done.

Because Marvis is so well-known throughout the world, you can find their products all over the world. Find their assortment of products in the Philippines via BeautyMNL, and have it delivered to your doorstep. Shop now and get free shipping on orders worth P1,500 or more.

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