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Manuka Health

Manuka Health provides consumers with premium manuka honey from beehives native to New Zealand. Their products contain high concentrations of methylglyoxal, the compound responsible for the myriad health benefits in manuka honey. Each and every one of their products is supported by groups throughout the world, who provide scientific evidence that justifies your confidence in Manuka Health and its effectivity in enhancing your well-being.
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Manuka Honey MGO573 (250g)
Manuka Honey MGO115 (500g)
Honey Lip Balm
Manuka Honey Lozenges (15 Lozenges)
BIO30 Propolis Liquid
Royal Jelly Capsules (180 Capsules)
Manuka Honey & Propolis Oral Spray
Manuka Honey MGO400 (1kg)
Manuka Honey MGO573 (500g)
Manuka Honey MGO400 (500g)
BIO30 Propolis Capsules (300 Capsules)
Manuka Honey MGO115 (250g)
Manuka Honey MGO263 (1Kg)
BIO100 Propolis Capsules (60 Capsules)
Manuka Honey MGO30 (250g)
Manuka Honey MGO263 (500g)
Manuka Honey MGO263 (250g)
Manuka Honey MGO950 (250g)
Manuka Honey MGO115 (1kg)
MGO400 Manuka Honey Syrup
Manuka-C Chews (120 Capsules)
MGO 550+ Manuka Honey 25+ (250g)
Manuka Honey MGO850 (250g)
Vision Shield (60 Capsules)
Immune Response (60 Capsules)
Manuka Honey Toothpaste With Tea Tree Oil
Honey Soap
Manuka Honey Lip Balm
Beauty Enhancer (120 Capsules)
BIO30 Propolis Capsules (180 Capsules)