Made by Maxine offers nut butters that are made better. They’re all-natural, locally made, use only real, wholesome ingredients, without preservatives or fillers. The result? Premium nut butters that deliver the best taste and the most health benefits. Spread it on toast or eat with a banana. Add a scoop to overnight oats or blend it into a smoothie. Or just eat it clean off a spoon—there are infinite possibilities to enjoy the Made by Maxine spread. Plus, they’re so good, it’s hard to believe it’s good for you, too.

About Made by Maxine

With its rave reviews, nut butters by Made by Maxine have got to be one of the most recognized in the local nut butter scene. Where other brands are only “technically” all-natural, Made by Maxine goes a step further by not using refined sugar, or any filler o preservative whatsoever. This means Made by Maxine nut butters will be among the healthiest and tastiest guilt-free nut butters you’ll find today. Eat them off a spoon, with overnight oats, or on toast – the choice is yours!

Some of the Made by Maxine nut butters available on BeautyMNL include their Almond Butter (Plain Roasted), Almond Butter (Dark Cacao), Cacao Hazelnut, Almond Butter (Cinnamon), Almond Butter Plain Roasted, Cashew Butter Crunchy, Almond Butter (Extra Dark Cacao), and Almond Butter Cinnamon Vanilla. Whether you’re a foodie or just like tasty nut butter, you’ll find something that’s not only sinfully delicious but pretty darn good for you too.

Find all your Made by Maxine favorites and thousands of other health food options on BeautyMNL. BeautyMNL offers thousands of health food and wellness options that‘ll satisfy both health nuts and gourmets. Have all your favorite nut butters shipped to any address in the Philippines today.

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