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Developed by Unilever, Lux is a global brand best known for its body bars and shower gels. Lux has been building their beauty soap credentials since 1925, seeking to pamper women everywhere with rich, creamy, luxurious soaps that are known as the beauty secrets of move stars all over—from Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor. Today, Lux is known around the world for decadent crème soaps scented with a rich fragrance. Experience skin pampering like no other with Lux.

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Lux is a beauty soap brand developed by its global parent company, Unilever. The product was initially named “Sunlight Flakes,” but was changed to “Lux”—for the Latin word for “light” and suggestive of “luxury.”

Launched in the US in 1925, it became the first mass-market soap in the world with the tagline “made as fine as French soap.” In the first two years of its launch, Lux concentrated on its reputation as a beauty soap brand. It offered consumers a beauty soap made using French methods at an affordable price, with the promise of smooth skin.

This French soap-making method involves infusing the product with fine fragrances, each one crafted by the world’s best perfume experts. Lux products are formulated using state of the art techniques and indulgent ingredients, all of which are designed to exceed consumer expectations. As a result, Lux is not just a soap that smells good—its fine fragrances makes bathing an enjoyable experience.

Since then, it has been associated with over 400 of the world’s most glamorous celebrities. From Aishwarya Rai to Marilyn Monroe, Lux has become the world’s best-selling soap bar, delighting women in over 100 countries every day.

The brand has also made steps to reduce its carbon footprint, as part of its commitment to being part of the Unilever portfolio. Among its efforts include the use of algal oils, which is widely considered to be an alternative to palm oil. The use of palm oil has been linked to deforestation, hence the need for a replacement. Over the past five years, Unilever has been working with algal oil producer Solazyme to research new ways to incorporate the sustainable oil into its formulations.

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