Lunas Living Oils is the first local brand to introduce premimum-grade coconut andmoringa-infusedpersonal care and wellness products. They have everything fromdaily essentials to remedy elixirs and baby products. More importantly, the brand’s products are all FDA-approved, 100% pure, artisanal, sustainable, ethical, and preservative-free. Indulge in of their quality Coconut Oil and Moringa Oil blends on BeautyMNL.

About Lunas Living Oils

Lunas Living Oils is a pioneering local brand, having started the trend of using premium coconut oil and moringa in its line of tonics and massage oils. Lunas Living Oils has a complete line of personal and wellness products, ranging from elixirs to baby care products. The wholesomeness and power of coconut and moringa oils are harnessed to create all-natural products that are a class of their own.

Just a few of Lunas Living Oils products on BeautyMNL include Headache Relief Roll-On, Immuno Boost Therapy Spray, Anti-Cellulite Toning Oil, Sniffles & Sneezes Oil, Nail & Scalp Tonic Oil, Illuminating Eye Elixir, Immuno Bath & Massage Oil, and Hilot Massage Oil. All Lunas Living Oils products are FDA-approved, guaranteed to be 100% pure, ethical, and preservative-free.

Get all your favorite Lunas oils and elixirs from BeautyMNL. Thankfully, there’s no need to leave your house to treat what ails you – all your Lunas items can be shipped straight to your door.