First things first: what does Lulu DK stand for? The answer’s simple: it’s the name of the company’s founder, Lulu de Kwiatkowski. Global textile company Lulu DK was founded in 1998, when Ms. dK happened upon a fabric mill outside of Paris. This inspired her to transform her trompe l’oeil wall paintings into fabric fantasies. Just a few months later, her unique aesthetic was translated into gorgeous prints and vibrant patterns that are now available on scarves, shawls, sarongs, shirts, beddings and furniture fabrics, decals, notebooks, bags, and more. Our ultimate faves have got to be the flash tats, though, which every fashionista has fallen in love with—and which are now available on BeautyMNL!

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Launched in 1998 by designer Lulu de Kwiatkowski, Lulu DK is a global textile company.

Lulu’s story began after completing a fine arts degree at Parsons School of Design in New York. She spent four years in Paris studying trompe l’oeil paintings, using them as inspiration for her wall paintings upon her return. This convinced her to transform these wall designs into fabrics and wallpapers that could be made available to a wide variety of customers. After finding a fabric printer in France, she then decided to expand her knowledge and apply it to her designs.

She then went on a series of travels that took her as far as India, Morocco, Europe, and Peru. The patterns and textures of these distinct worlds can be seen in Lulu’s textile designs, alongside the inspirations and memories of her childhood home.

Lulu DK fabrics have been featured in several top magazines. These include Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Vogue, the Wall Street Journal and Town and Country. Her textiles also decorate some of the world’s premier luxury resorts, including the Four Seasons, the W and the St. Regis. Lulu’s patterns have also been featured on the sets of Sex in the City and Friends. Notable clients include Drew Barrymore, Steven Spielberg, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane von Furstenberg, Carolina Herrera and Courtney Cox.

In 2014, the company launched one of its products: Lulu DK Tattoos. Lulu transformed her hand-drawn designs into a bold and fashionable line of intricate tattoos. These are temporary metallic tattoos that are to be worn as a substitute for traditional jewelry.

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