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Loose Brews Craft Teas offers artisan loose leaf teas made of the finest natural ingredients. They currently have 13 original tea brews, and 13 unique brews from Spain and London. They’re constantly in the process of expanding their collections of tea, aiming to launch new brews each and every month. To make your tea a fun, tasty, and creative experience, look no further than Loose Brews Craft Teas. Shop it now on BeautyMNL!

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The Best Wellness Products to Buy at Our 20% Off Site-Wide Sale

The Best Wellness Products to Buy at Our 20% Off Site-Wide Sale

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About Loose Brews Craft Teas

For your dose of artisan, hand-crafted loose leaf teas, check out Loose Brews Craft Teas, a local tea-loving company perfecting the fragrant, healthy tea-making craft, one pack of fine, natural leaves at a time. Starting out in August 2017, Loose Brews has original 13 tea brews in stock, with another 13 from Spain and London and new brews and blends released almost every month. With their tea’s magical colorful transformations, every brew looks as beautiful as they taste, smell, and make you feel.

They have uniquely-named brews, like the Sunset Brew, made to soothe, calm, and relax, hence the name. It’s hand-crafted with green tea, lavender, pea flower, lemongrass, lemon, and mint. The magic happens when you brew, turning your tea blue, and then pink when you add lemon juice. The Fitspiration Brew is a go-to for health-conscious tea-lovers, who need an energizing blend of oolong, green tea, lemon, ginger, and mint for some fat-burning, metabolism-boosting powers. There’s also the favorite of students - the Brainy Brew - specially blended to promote your brain’s power. The gingko biloba and rosemary boost memory, while the jasmine, tarragon and cornflowers keep you cool and collected. Intea-resting, right? They also sell tea warmers, tea infusers, tea timers, and tea sets!

For only a minimum purchase of P1,500, your doorstep delivery fee is free, care of BeautyMNL. What are you waiting for? Enjoy true convenience and shop now at our easy-to-use online store. The beauty possibilities are endless!

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