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Choose a healthy, all-natural lifestyle with LivStore. This proudly Pinoy brand is filled with a range of products that include personal care, cosmetics, and even a line for pets. Their offerings are carefully curated to ensure only high quality natural ingredients are used while still producing gentle yet effective results. Invest in wholesome and beneficial choices for a happy, healthier life.

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About LivStore

Enjoy a wide selection of organic products for everyday use with Philippines-based brand Livstore. Whether you’re looking to refine your beauty regimen or to freshen up your home, Livstore has got you covered. It prides itself on using safe, environmentally friendly ingredients, proving that an all-natural approach is effective and affordable.

A Livstore item that you can add to your daily regimen is the All-Natural Glycerin Soap, which is made with virgin coconut oil, organic glycerin, and plant-based extracts. Coconut oil exfoliates, moisturizes, and cleanses your skin, and the glycerin base makes the soap gentle and soothing. As a whole, the soap also has a protective function, making your skin more resistant against minor cuts and infections. Livstore also offers aromatherapy inhalers that let you experience the power of essential oils. The Greened Happy Inhaler uses sweet orange and lemon essential oils, which alleviate anxiety and depression and help clear respiratory passages. On the other hand, the Sleep Inhaler calms the nervous system, releasing stress and anxiety and making it easy to relax and sleep. Livstore’s diverse collection further spans beauty, skincare, home, baby, and even pet products.

With BeautyMNL, shopping for items from Livstore is fun and convenient. Simply browse through our online store, which contains thousands of curated products, and make an order. Shop now from anywhere in the Philippines!

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