“Living Intentions bridges the gap between packaged or processed foods and raw, natural, unprocessed food products. They believe in preserving the nutritional integrity of foods by avoiding high temperature cooking methods that often deplete foods of their nutritional value. By adhering to these basic principles, Living Intentions has skillfully produced a diverse range of raw and natural food products that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

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About Living Intentions

Living Intentions was founded around 1998 in San Francisco, at a time when there weren’t a lot of raw nutritional foods on the market shelves. Over the past two decades, they’ve become a favorite of health food enthusiasts in Northern California for their incredible, rich-tasting superfood blends. They also offer quite a wide range, so you’ll always have a new future favorite to try out.

Check out their Malted Maple Activated Superfood Nut Blend, Smokey Barbeque Activated Sprouted Seeds, Honey Sriracha Activated Superfood Nut Blend, and Dark Cacao Activated Superfood Nut Blend. Have them for snacks or as part of a special meal plan.

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