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LiRi-Usables is a company that is fuelled by a passion for saving the planet. The name itself, “LiRi-Usables” speaks of its mission: it merges the Albanian word “liri” (freedom) and “usable” (also synonymous with “disposable”) to convey its motto in a simple phrase—”freedom from disposables.” The young company offers premium yet fairly priced alternatives to single-use plasic. Their mission is to inspire the world to live waste-free of synthetic materials that put our planet in jeopardy. Live free with LiRi-Usables.

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About LiRi-Usables

On a mission to achieve “freedom from disposables,” LiRi-Usables is a brand offering an array of sustainable, eco-friendlier alternatives to single-use plastic to incorporate into your lifestyle. With fairly-priced premium products from reusable straws to non-plastic toothbrushes, LiRi-Usables inspires to live waste-free and make a large impact on the planet with the smallest choices.

LiRi-Usables’ bestselling Austere Sets include three stainless steel straws (one bent, one straight, and one for smoothies and milk teas) that come in three colors (silver, gold, and rose gold), plus a cleaner brush to keep them dirt-free. The Classic Austere Set is put together in a canvas pouch, while Plus version packs them in a biodegradable wheat box - either one makes it easy to put in your bag and carry with you wherever you go. Ditching the disposable has never been easier.

Take with you their popular Bamboo Toothbrush, too! Made with soft, BPA-free bristles and a handle made of biodegradable bamboo, this toothbrush lasts as long as the typical plastic toothbrush with proper care - keeping your teeth clean and keeping the planet clean at the same time!

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