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A popular hair styling brand in Japan, Liese (pronounced as “lee-zay”) brings women a range of hair products that include color, styling, and leave-on treatments. Their goal? To help you achieve gorgeous professional-looking hairstyles in their own homes, so you can step out to face the world feeling chic and confident. Have fun with your locks and enhance your strands with Liese at BeautyMNL.

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About Liese

Liese is a popular hairstyling brand in Japan. Specializing in hair colors and styling products, the brand’s goal is to provide women with a way to create affordable, professional-grade hairstyles in their own homes. As such, it is now considered as Japan’s No. 1 hairstyling brand.

Their main product lines come in two main forms: cream and foam. Both can be applied easily by following a simple, step-by-step process. The brand even offers a video tutorial on YouTube for those who need extra guidance.

Unlike other hair color treatments, Liese products also contain four times more treatment ingredients to coat the hair. This also has the benefit of providing a nourishing treatment throughout the coloring process. The result is a shiny and noticeable coating for your hair, making it easier to manage and comb. Because of this unique mixture, the coloring ingredients penetrate deeply into each strand to cover any type of hair more effectively. This leaves your hair with a long-lasting and vibrant color.

And speaking of colors, Liese offers 19 of them. These range from their Natural Black, perfect for covering up gray strands; to its bright Jewel Pink color, a shiny brown hue with a hint of pink.

To ensure a wide range of compatibility with different hair types, the brand also utilizes different formulas to suit a variety of purposes. Nourishing, straightening, and styling are just part of its portfolio. Regardless of your needs, you can find the right Liese product for bringing out the best look you want to wear.

Now, you too can enjoy the benefits of these products without having to order them all the way from Japan. Liese hair color products are now available in the Philippines through BeautyMNL. Choose from a good selection of products and get free shipping on orders worth PHP 2000 or more.

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